About Us

What We Do

Events265 is an events management and marketing consultancy that makes it very easy for people to discover what’s happening in their city. We also provide a combination of free and affordable (results-based) marketing solutions for a variety of organisations, including: Kumbali Country Lodge and Lake Retreat; British Council; First Merchant Bank; TEDx; Lake of Stars; and Tumaini Arts Festival, among many many others”


How We Do It

Our user-generated event marketing tool allows Event-Goers to discover exciting activities in their cities through:

  1. The Event-Slide highlights key events providing the quickest way to find something to do.
  2. The Calendar allows Event-Goers to browse Events by day, week, or month.
  3. The Search Button provides an easy way of finding specific events.


Our youth-led consultancy brings together the brightest young creatives in Malawi, and provides a platform through which they can collaborate to bring you a wide range of affordable services, incuding: marketing, graphic design, photography, videography, event organisation and management,
customer service assistance, etc.

  1. We use a results-based pricing model that systematically ensures that you pay for what you get
  2. We have a wide network which we scour to ensure that you get not only the best service but the most cost-effective too!
  3. We don’t believe in Charity, but we do believe in shared value. Working with us not only gets you the best standard of work, it also provides income hard-working and skilled Malawian youth that will earn your support and loyalty as a customer .


Why We Do It

Because everyone says the youth of Malawi are it’s future, and it’s high time we put our money where our mouths are. Creative and Technology sectors are where the youth have the upper hand! We know more and do more in those sectors. We just want to create an opportunity for you to discover all the ways that the youth of Malawi can help you and your business .