Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I ask a questions or submit feedback or a complaint?

Feedback or a complaint can be submitted via phone, 265 998 146 378 / 999 170 174, or by e-mail, nda@dev.events265.com Please do not hesitate to express your views/recommendations. We welcome and appreciate all feedback both good and bad, as it is the only way we can make continuous improvements and stay competitive.


How do I upload an event?

You click “ADD NEW EVENT” and fill out the form. If you are not a registered user, you will be prompted to register before you can add events.


How can I highlight my event on the slider?

This is done on the “ADD NEW EVENT” page. You simply select “Yes” under “Would you like to highlight this event on our slider?”. For the best results your picture should be 1300 pixels by 440 pixels dimension-wise. If not the slider will automatically enlarge and crop the picture to fit the frame. It usually crops from the bottom up so that top of your poster is likely to be the part that shows. To avoid unforeseen complications, please try and upload images to the specifications above or at least to the same height x length ratio.

It is free to enter events into our website and they will appear on the Calendar. However it is only free to highlight events on our Event-Slider for a limited time!


How can I view/edit/delete my events?

You can view your events by clicking on the “Events List” link in red, on the top right of the screen, just above the menu bar. From there you can view all events you have submitted and their status (approved/not), you can delete them, and you can edit them, if they have not already been approved.


How can I make a payment to the website?

Currently payments are accepted by direct deposit into our account (all our contact/payment information can be found on our “CONTACT INFORMATION” page.


How long until my event is visible on the website?

The event will be visible as soon as it is approved. Approvals are done once a day: by 8am on weekdays and by 12pm on weekends.


What’s the 265 for?

It’s taken from Malawi’s telephone area code “+265” so the name essentially indicates that we list events in the 265 area code aka Malawi… 🙂